Always Remember Me Bears

Calendar of Events 2017-2018

Check out our list of events for the next year.  We are so excited to have you visit out studio whether it be for a workshop of one of the Mill's events.  Be sure to click the link below to save your seat at the craft table.

Craft with you soon!


Sew It Sunday

Sew It Sunday

Sew Dates

October 1st 2017 11am-2pm

   Small Quilted Bag

November 5th 2017 11am-2pm

   Quilt As You Go Lap Quilt

December 2017 NO CLASSES

January 7th 2018 10am-3pm

   Paper Piecing Wall Quilt

February 4th 2018 11am-2pm

   Large Quilted Tote Bag:

March 4th 2018 10am-3pm

  Quilted Table Runner

April 8th 2018 11am-2pm

   Tulip Wall Quilt

May 6th 2018 10am-3pm

   Applique Pillow

June 3rd 2018 11am-3pm

   Tumbler Flag

Craft Night Out with Always Remember Me Bears

Craft Night Out with Always Remember Me Bears

Scheduled Crafts

October 18th 2017 6:30pm-9pm

   Fabric Pumpkins

November 29 2017 6:30pm-9pm

   Soda Bottle Holiday Wreath


January 24th 2018 6:30pm-9pm

   Valentine Door Wreath

February 21st 2018 6:30pm-9pm

   Wind Chime

March 21st 6:30pm-9pm

   Q-Tip Painting

April 18th 6:30pm-9pm

   Scrap Paper Art

May 23rd 6:30pm-9pm

   Rag Flag




Whitng Mills Events

Whitng Mills Events

Whiting Mills Events

Open Studios



3rd Sunday 11am-4pm

October 15th 2017

November 19th 2017

December 17th 2017

January 21st 2018

February 18th 2018

March 18th 2018

April 15th 2018

May 20th 2018

June 17th 2018

July 15th 2018

August 19th 2018

September 16th 2018

October 21st 2018

Q-Tip Painting Craft Night Out

Q-Tip Painting Craft Night Out