Memory Bears can be made with most any fabrics.  Embellishments can be added at your request.  Button eyes can be eliminated for babies or toddlers.

18 inch memory bears or dogs    $40

22 inch memory bears                 $50


Hug It Out Pillows

Hug It Out PillowsBest made with button down cotton shirts.  I keep the buttons functional so that the outer cover can be washed easily.

                              12-15 inch pillows $15,

                              16-20 inch $20

Quilted pillows:  Quilted pillows are fun to use a variety of fabrics and patterns.

                              12-15 inch pillows $25

                              16-30 inch pillows $30


Memory Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts:  $20 per shirt/square.  Each shirt is prepared to prevent stretching during recreation.

   9 T-shirt Blocks    $180

   12 T-shirt Blocks   $240

   16 T-shirt Blocks   $320 maximum

Rag Quilts:  $15 per shirt/square.  Cotton button down shirts or cotton pants are ideal for this quilt.      

   9 Square Blocks    $135

   12 Square Blocks   $180

   16 Square Blocks   $240

Fresh Fabric Quilts: With all quilt orders made with new fabrics I will request color/pattern choices from you to get the look you have in mind.  Understand that fabrics depend on availability.  (Sizes are approximate and depend on agreed patterns.)

   Baby Quilt     $60

   Toddler Quilt$80

   Bear and Quilt Set $95

   9 Square/Lap Quilt$135

   12 Square/Throw size $180

   16 Square/Twin size    $240   


Once fabric is received and approved for use a PayPal bill will be submitted for payment.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery depending on pending orders.

Return shipping not included in pricing.  Shipping prices will vary depending on location.