Wedding Keepsakes

We are currently creating a line of rustic wedding décor.  Stay tuned.


Guest Registry Quilt Starter Kits

Let us help get you started on a quilt or your guests to sign and keep their messages of love with you forever.  After your event you can choose to return the squares to us to make a quilt from our pattern list or complete the quilt yourself.  This is an awesome gift for baby showers, bridal showers, or wedding keepsakes.

Kits Contain:

5"x5" squares or 2.5" strips specially prepared on card stock to ensure all messages will be kept centered to avoid being sewn under seem.

  (choose either white or ivory fabric)

Fabrics Pen

Decorative Display Box



Sample Square                          $3.50

 45 Prepared 5"x5" squares    $29.98

 90 Prepared 5"x5" squares    $47.95

150 Prepared 5"x5" squares    $64.99


  45 Prepared 2.5"x 5" strips    $32.50

  90 Prepared 2.5"x 5" strips    $49.95

150 Prepared 2.5" x 5" strips   $68.99

Wish Quilts

Choose from our pattern list to have your own quilt made for your guests to sign during your event.  Each quilt will be pretreated and ready to display on the day of your event.

Small Wall Hanging Size $150

Medium Throw Size $225

Large Blanket Size $350

More To Come...